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Established in 1938 company Electra has been manufacturing high quality furniture and equipment for the national and international market place. Knowledge, love of our work and the long experience of the company has placed us at the forefront of furniture and equipment manufacturing, when you combine this with the correct choice of materials and the expertise of our personnel you understand how the company ELECTRA has had a dynamic rise of success and is able to supply furniture and equipment to the most descerning of customers.

We can fulfill any requirements for any businesses (Hotels, restaurants, cafes) and for individuals. No order is too big and no order is too small. This is what establishes ELECTRA as a name of quality and trust.

Our Mission

The company Electra has set as its main goal to provide excellent service to our customers; we accomplish this by combining excellence, style, originality which is implemented by a highly trained and responsible workforce.


The main focus of our activity is the construction of high quality interior and exterior furniture. With the combination of top quality materials and a skilled workforce, the investment of modern technology of the future being used today we can offer the most discerning customer the guarantees that they require.


For the company Electra originality is the combination of ultra-modern technology and production methods, even when our daily output exceeds 2000 items of furniture we create each piece of furniture as if it were an individual piece. Digital Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology guidance systems, our modern paint systems and robotic fabric cutting machines help to perform demanding and complex tasks cost effectively which simultaneously ensures the customer the best possible price..


We can create your own elegant and individual style for your own unique setting; let our experienced design team assist you with innovative solutions and cost effective solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us.


We offer stylish classic and modern design products, we can also manufacture and design bespoke furniture which will also have the unsurpassed quality of Electra Equipment. Our design team can provide aesthetic and qualitative analysis of your unique space.

The company Electra can provide furniture for any use depending on the individual’s preferences; we can also manufacture your furniture with wood, metal or plastic without restrictions of color or dimensions.
We guarantee immediate prompt professional service from your initial contact to the delivery of your order.